[buildgear-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Beaglebone distribution released

Jesper Larsen jesper.larsen at ixonos.com
Tue May 21 04:53:25 MDT 2013

Hi everybody,

A Mini Distribution for Beaglebone has just been released.

Features include:

  * Arm Cortex A8 optimized
  * Glibc based toolchain
  * Systemd init system
  * GNU/Linux system utilities (no busybox)
  * Ethernet support
  * OpenSSH client/server

You can find the git repository here

To checkout the distribution use:

$ git clone --recursive git://github.com/mini-distribution/beaglebone.git

The distribution is tested on the original Beaglebone (A6) and Beaglebone
Please read the README carefully to minimize problems building the


- Jesper
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