[buildgear-devel] BSP/Board Support?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Mon Apr 22 09:00:20 MDT 2013

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> Also, I forgot to add... yes - the Mini Distribution does support
> more
> hardware.
> We plan to make the Mini Distribution support the most popular open
> source hardware. At the moment this includes Pandaboard and Raspberry
> Pi.
> Soon we will add support for the popular Beaglebone.
> Also, if you go the the github mini distribution organization page
> (https://github.com/mini-distribution), you can find a Mini
> Distribution
> for i686-generic which should work on most intel HW.
> In general we (Build Gear maintainers) don't want to maintain support
> for too many boards. The whole point of Build Gear is that it is very
> easy to make the Mini Distribution support your own hardware.
> To make the Mini Distribution support your own custom hardware all
> you
> basically have to do is fork eg. the pandaboard repository, rename
> your
> fork, replace the board specific build files, and adjust the global
> configuration (config/config) to reflect your toolchain changes (in
> particuar the HOST system name). The board specific build files
> include
> eg. the toolchain (native-pandaboard/crosstool-ng), the bootloader
> (cross-panda/u-boot), the linux kernel
> (native-pandaboard/linux-source,
> cross-pandaboard/linux), and of course the fs (cross-panda/fs) which
> defines what features you want to included in your file system for
> your
> particular board. Also, make sure your kernel enables the required
> options to support systemd.
> Also, if one of the generic build files in eg. cross-core or
> cross-opt
> does not fit your particular needs you can easily override/overlay it
> with your own using the Build Gear layer feature. We keep cross-core
> and
> cross-opt fairly full featured and up to date. We also try to keep
> cross-extra up to date. If you find any missing features in the
> existing
> build files we happily accept patches or pull requests on github :)
> /Martin

Fantastic, I was hoping that was the case. Thanks!


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