[buildgear-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Build Gear version 0.9.17beta

Martin Lund martin.lund at keep-it-simple.com
Tue Apr 9 06:30:36 MDT 2013

Hi all,

Build Gear version 0.9.17beta is now available:


This is a feature and bug fix release.

The most important new feature includes improved support for secure 
downloading of sources via any protocol that libcurl supports. In 
particular, this improvement is introduced to include support for 
sftp:// and scp:// type source URLs which make use of SSH keys for 
restricted access. This is useful in the case you want Build Gear to 
download and build proprietary applications from source which is hosted 
on access restricted servers.

Thanks to Jesper Larsen for providing the features and bug fixes for 
this release.



=== Build Gear v0.9.17beta ===

Changes since Build Gear v0.9.16beta:

Contributions by Jesper Larsen:

   * Updated man pages

   * Add options to set custom ssh key locations

     The location of the public/private SSH keys used for SFTP/SCP download
     can be configured with buildgear config.

     The location of the public key is set with the keyword ssh_public_key.
     The location of the private key is set with the keyword 

     Defaults are $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa(.pub)

   * Get supported protocols from curl

     The list of protocols that trigger a remote download is now taken
     runtime from libcurl.

   * Make tar follow symlinks when adding packages

     The default action for tar is to overwrite files and directories
     if they exists. This results in symlinks being overritten in cases
     where a packages contains i.e. /usr/lib64

     Adding --dereference flag makes tar resolve symlinks before extracting

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