[buildgear-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Build Gear version 0.9.16beta

Martin Lund martin.lund at keep-it-simple.com
Tue Apr 2 07:53:18 MDT 2013

Hi all,

Build Gear version 0.9.16beta is now available:


This is a feature and bug fix release.

Among various bug fixes and cleanups the two most notable new features 
are contributed by Jesper Larsen. This include support for secure 
downloading of source via ftps:// and https:// type URLs and support for 
SVG load chart generation for profiling system CPU and memory load 
during the build process.

Also, the first draft of the Build Gear Handbook documentation has been 
added and is available online:


Please notice that this documentation is currently considered incomplete 
and draft quality. The documentation is expected to improve over the 
upcoming releases.



=== Build Gear v0.9.16beta ===

Changes since Build Gear v0.9.15beta:

   * Added handbook documentation (draft)

     This is the first draft of the Handbook documenation. It is currently
     considered incomplete and draft quality. It will steadily improve 
in the
     upcoming releases.

   * Fixed package creation error

     Interupting the package creation step would lead to an incomplete and
     corrupt package file. To avoid this the package is now written to a
     temporary package file and then in the last step this file is moved to
     the final package file.

   * Updated config.guess

   * Various updates and cleanups

Contributions by Jesper Larsen:

   * Support for internal variables in buildfile show

     Variables that are provided by the buildgear.sh script was not resolved
     in the buildgear show --buildfile command.

     A new action "read" has been added to buildgear.sh to present these
     variables to the buildgear show --buildfile command

   * Set CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL on curl objects

     This is a nasty hack to avoid a bug in libcurl. It might result
     in undesired behavior, if a DNS lookup hangs.


   * Added config for SSL certificate location

     The buildgear config file (.buildgear/config) now supports a paramerter
     'certificate_dir'. This parameter can be used to set a custom location
     of SSL certificates. Default for the parameter is a empty string. This
     makes libcurl choose a location. On Ubuntu that resolves to 

   * Support for libcurl-gnutls and libcurl-openssl

     The configure script now accepts both libraries

   * Added init --buildfile option to help

   * Do not make error if /bin/sh links to /bin/bash

   * Added a load chart feature

     If a --load-chart option is given to the build command, the CPU load
     and memory usage will be recorded throughout the build. When the build
     is finished the loads are rendered in a svg file that shows the 

     The svg with the data is located in build/output/load-chart.<build 

   * Added unzip as a run-time dependency

   * Fix extract of .tgz and .txz files

   * Include optional error message in check functions

   * Make tar itself determine the compression type

   * Add a "Cleaning work dir" step in the output

     Cleaning a large work dir can take some time. Include a step in the 
     to reflect the progress of doing this.

   * Fix support for alternative source dir

   * Rename check_lib to check_exist in template

   * Added --buildfile option to init

     A template for Buildfiles is installed. Running init --buildfile will
     use the template to create a new Buildfile in the current directory.
     If a build name is given, this will be inserted in the name variable of
     the buildfile.

   * Introduce lock file for the build root

     A lock file is used to ensure that multiple instances of buildgear
     are not allowed to run, if they have the possibility of changing data.

     I.e. you cannot run two build commands in the same root dir, but 
you are
     allowed to run a build command and a show --log commmand.

   * Various updates and cleanups

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