[buildgear-devel] Buildgear: build failure for u-boot

Prabhakar Lad prabhakar.csengg at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 06:59:27 MDT 2014

Hi Martin,

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Martin Lund
<martin.lund at keep-it-simple.com> wrote:
> Hi Lad,
> On 2014-06-10 09:47, Prabhakar Lad wrote:
>> I tried doing this but it failed again, so I tried version 1.17.0 this
>> worked fine
>> for me.
> I've just updated the repository to use crosstool-ng 1.19 and successfully
> built both u-boot and fs on ubuntu 14.04.
> I will not recommend going back to crosstool-ng 1.17 :)

>>> Actually, I was about to update our beaglebone distribution but since you
>>> have this issue I will update the pandaboard distribution asap - that
>>> should
>>> fix your issue.
>> I see lots of failures with other packages too, which I am manually
>> fixing them up.
> As you can see the pandaboard repository has not been updated for a long
> time so I would expect you to run into source download issues etc..
> However, I've just updated the pandaboard buildfiles submodules (cross-core,
> cross-opt, etc.) which should fix any build/download issues that you might
> have experienced.
> It build on my ubuntu 14.04 system but I have not tested the final fs image.
> I need to go fire up my pandaboard :)
Yes updated the branch and it fixes all the issues thanks.

> Also, I expect to soon update the buildfiles in core, opt, extra - it's been
> about 3-4 months since the last major update. There are some interesting
> updates, in particular a new systemd version.
>> Is there any Doc which tells about how to add your own custom library ?
>> Also can
>> buildgear be used to build applications too for that firmware built ?
> Not specifically, but its quite easy to add your own buildfile(s) that
> include any library or application that you wish.
> I would recommend that you that a look at the existing buildfiles. I'm sure
> you will find them easy to understand because of the simple structure that
> they reflect. One of the main points of the build gear buildfiles is to make
> them really easy to engage and understand (which is directly opposite to
> other build systems such as eg. openembedded).
> To begin, you could simply add your own submodule next to eg. cross-core,
> for example a cross-lad and here include your custom library and/or
> application. Also, remember to include the library or application in the fs
> buildfile depends line or else it will not be included in the fs build.
> For documentation there is the build gear handbook:
> http://buildgear.org/handbook.php
> The handbook should give you tidbits of good information - however it is not
> quite complete yet.
> Btw, to speed up your fs build drastically I recommend to change the default
> parallel build level from 1 to 4:
> buildgear config parallel_builds 4
> The default level for pandaboard is 1.
> Also, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask :)
Here are some quick questions:-
a: Me coming from Linux kernel background, one obvious question is how do
    I custom config the kernel using menuconfig in buildgear ?
    I don’t want to manually edit the defconfig file every time in buildgear.

b: If I suppose to add a application or a library as part of fs this
in itself should
    have a complete build system (what I mean is Makefile) ? an example for this
    in handbook would be very helpful.

--Prabhakar Lad

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